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Project Description
YACGEN is a code generator that creates output based on database schema

What is Yet Another Code Generator (YACGEN)?
YACGEN is an template-driven code generator. Features include:
  • YACGEN reads database schemas and allows for almost unlimited custom attributes to be assigned to individual objects (databases, tables and columns)
  • YACGEN schemas can assign values via custom Python code executed during schema import and update schemas can include attributes that identify object relationships
  • Generates output from user templates
  • YACGEN templates require no code YACGEN is code agnostic and architecture agnostic.
  • Output is not limited to any language, environment or platformGenerates code from GUI or command line interface
  • Designed to support multiple database schemas (Currently only Microsoft SQL Server)

A basic introduction and more detail can be found at:
An introduction to template creation can found at:
An introduction to property population and layout customization can found at:

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